About Us

We are five partner organisations: University of Gloucestershire (UK), University of Palacky (Czech Republic), University of Transilvania (Romania), University of Thessaly (Greece) and Sport Resolutions (UK).

University of Gloucestershire

Project Lead –

Dr Emily Ryall

Emily is Reader in Applied Philosophy in the School of Sport and Exercise at the University of Gloucestershire. She is author of Philosophy of Sport: Key Questions, Philosophy of Play (ed.) and Critical Thinking for Sports Students. She is former Chair of the British Philosophy of Sport Association, and Associate Editor for the Journal of the Philosophy of Sport. Her research interests are ethical issues in sport, and the impact of technology upon sport.

Jonathan Cooper

Jonathan is a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Gloucestershire.

Will Roberts

Will is a Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Science (Coaching) in the School of Sport and Exercise at the University of Gloucestershire. He is Series Editor of Constraints-Based Methodologies in Sport Coaching and is author of The Constraints Led Approach: Principles for Sports Coaching and Practice Design. He is an Expert panel member of the International Physical Literacy Association and advises on a number of external research projects as well as being on the editorial board for the Higher Education Journal of Learning and Teaching. His research coheres around multi-disciplinary examinations of sport, with a particular focus on the socio-cultural and ecological domains of coaching practice.

Anna Newell

Anna is a development specialist with 22 years’ experience of achieving high value funding from major grant-givers for organisations across a range of sectors including education, international development, youth work, health and the arts.  Since April 2014, she has been part of the University Funding Office at the University of Gloucestershire which is responsible for developing funding for University projects, predominantly from EU programmes, and for overseeing the management of all EU-funded projects run by the University.  In this role she has successfully managed a number of large, multi-partner projects and developed her expertise in project management including finance, communications and IT.

Sports Resolutions

Richard Harry

Richard has been Chief Executive at Sport Resolutions since April 2016. Richard joined Sport Resolutions in July 2010 and spent almost six years as firstly Dispute Resolution Manager and then Legal Director. He is a sports lawyer and former Chief Executive of the Welsh Rugby Players’ Association. Richard started his career as a specialist employment and sports lawyer at Hugh James Solicitors in Cardiff before joining Clarke Willmott in Bristol. He left Clarke Willmott to establish the Welsh Rugby Players’ Association and has acted as a Consultant to the World Anti-Doping Agency. Richard is a Visiting Fellow to the School of Sport and Exercise at the University of Gloucestershire.

Roxana Weich

Roxana joined Sport Resolutions as part of the case management team in October 2017. As part of the team she manages a caseload of arbitration and mediation referrals to Sport Resolutions.

University of Thessaly

Marios Goudas

Marios Goudas is the University of Thessaly Distinguished Researcher in Social Sciences and Humanities. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1991) and a PhD from Exeter University UK (1994). He has published more than 120 papers, and book chapters in national and international journals including the Sport Psychologist, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, Journal of Learning and Instruction and Learning and Individual Differences and seven books including the Greek National Curriculum for Grade 7 Physical Education. He has co-developed and implemented a nationwide program for raising awareness about inequalities and promoting social inclusion through physical education and sport. His research focuses on the development and assessment of generalizable life-skills and self-regulatory skills programs in physical education and sport. He has applied his research on work with young athletes and youth sport academies implementing programs for enhancing young athletes’ life-long competencies.

Yiannis Theodorakis

Yannis Theodorakis is professor of Sport Psychology in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science at the Uni­versity of Thessaly, Greece. He was vice rector at the University of Thessaly (2008-2012), member of the council of the university (2013-2016), elected member in Managing Council of European Society of Sport Psychology (1999-2003), head of his Department (2000-2004 & 2006-8), president of the Greek Society of Sport Psychology (2004-2006), member of the Editorial Board of “Psychology of Sport and Exercise” (1999-2013), president of the Hellenic Academy of Physical Education (2008-2012). He is the editor of the open access journal “Inquiries in Sports and Physical Education” since 2003. He has a Bed in physical education and sport science and PhD in sport and exercise psychology. He has published 25 books and chapters, and more than 180 articles in Greek and international journals, in the areas of sport and exercise psychology, health psychology, goals setting, self-talk, attitude and behavior relationships, physical education and quality assurance in higher education.

University of Transylvania

Professor Liliana Rogozea

Professor Dr Liliana Rogozea, is Vice-rector at the Transylvania University, Brasov. Her teaching and research fields are counselling in ethics, health promotion and human behaviour. She has expertise in curriculum development, design of research methods in international project activities. She is a Public Health specialist and has competence in the management of health services, being also involved in educational projects.

Dr Florin Leasu

Dr. Florin Leasu is lecturer at the Transylvania University Brasov. He is specialist in Public Health and has competencies in ethics, health promotion, curriculum development. He was involved in several Erasmus projects.

University of Palacky

Jiří Mališ

Jiří is a lecturer in Philosophy and Ethics for Sport, Ethics in the Educational Process and Critical Thinking at Palacky University. His research interests are pilgrimages experience, ethical issues in sport, and the impact of solitude on human well-being and authenticity.

Prof. Dr. Ivo Jirásek

Ivo specializes in philosophical aspects of movement culture (game and play, experience, body, movement), is interested in experiential and outdoor education, and topic of spirituality and spiritual health. He has published in numerous journals including among others Quest; Journal of the Philosophy of Sport; Sport, Education and Society; Sport in Society: Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics; Implicit Religion; Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning; Acta Gymnica). He also served as a reviewer of many journals both in the Czech Republic and foreign countries (for example Sport, Ethics and Philosophy; Acta Gymnica; Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning; South African Journal for Researach in Sport, Physical Education and Recreation; Filosofický časopis) as well as a member and chairman of committees for organization of different international conferences.