Project Updates

December 2019

At our meeting in London outside St Paul’s Cathedral

We have had our last project meeting and the dissemination / launch events are taking place. The end of the project elicits mixed feelings as we are proud of our achievements and our collaboration but now go on to work on other things. We have made good friendships and have produced some (hopefully) useful teaching materials which have led on to new course developments at our home institutions.

Working on designing the TAGS teaching materials

November 2019

We have now added the teaching materials to the project website and are planning dissemination events to our key stakeholders. The teaching materials include a short video providing an overview of the topic, a written overview with aims and objectives, a set of PowerPoint slides and a teaching guide as well as other useful resources.

In Romania at Dracula’s castle!

June 2019

We have piloted the teaching material in four countries (UK, Czech, Romania, Greece) and are in the process of making amendments. We have recorded short explanatory videos in partner languages on the teaching material and will upload these to the website soon.

Both the Czech and Greek translations of the case study summaries are now available on the website.

At our project meeting in Greece

December 2018

We have produced the Needs Analysis Report and explanatory videos and are currently finishing off the design of teaching materials. The courses will be piloted and evaluated in early 2019.

The case study compendium is complete and can be found on the project website. Over forty cases have been summarised and uploaded providing a huge resource for teachers and students.

Working on designing the TAGS surveys

April 2018

We are currently analysing the results of the two surveys and will present this analysis soon.

Sports Resolutions are overseeing the second output, a case study compendium, which will provide summaries of key cases in sports law.

At our first project meeting in Gloucester

December 2017

We are currently running two surveys:

One is for those within Higher Education Institutions to find out what is currently being taught on sports programmes and what teachers/course leaders think is important in relation to ethics and governance in sport.

The other survey is for those already involved in sport, those working for NGBs or as coaches, or as athletes / players to find out their views about ethics and governance in sport. Participation is anonymous and in accordance with the data protection laws.

From these two surveys we can produce a resource that meets the needs of both HEIs and NGBs. We will be freely disseminating the results of the surveys across the five partner organisations and on our project website.